Coté Memo #054: CA World wrap, Docker orchestration

Tech & Work World

Quick Hits

### AWS

There were innumerable announcements from Amazon at re:Invent this week, perhaps even more tomorrow.

Docker Orchestration

I gave a webinar today on Docker Orchestration (you can see the recording and the slides). I’ve spent time following this and looking into and tried to distill down the reasons you’d do it and the “requirements” for such a tool…it’s pretty non-technical.

In doing this research, you find that no one has really say down and specified what orchestration means, which is what I was hoping to prod someone in doing. There’s no ThoughtWorks microservices essay that sums it up, and their should be!

Thanks to CloudSoft for putting it on!

CA World sets a 12-18 month spring-trap

As I discussed in the Software Defined Talk podcast recording today (subscribe to the feed to get the show once I publish it), I’ll be looking for momemtum from CA in a year or so. Their vision, portfolio, and “slides” were all good and spoke to DevOps well at their conference this. They even had some excellent customer talks, like ING going over how they’d used DevOps. I spoke with another customer who was eager to do very genuine DevOps as well – we see this in our DevOps market studies as well.

At this point, the only thing to do is wait and see if it works out by: (1.) tracking customer adoption and, thus, revenue, and, (2.) seeing how CA fills out the rest of the DevOps portfolio, if at all.

Hopefully I’ll be able to check back in at the next CA World.

Fun & IRL

  • No fun today, just work.



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