As a product manager, you need to be able to balance all the work against all the work. Maybe you don’t have an ops background, that’s fine – you probably didn’t have a [domain] background when you came to work either.  Learn.  A lot of the success of a SaaS product is in the balancing of features against stability/scalability work against compliance work… If you want to take the “I’m the CEO of the product” role, then you need to step up and own all of it, otherwise you’re just that product’s Director of Wishful Thinking.

A very developer sentiment there: “learn.” I don’t think most white collar people think like that. They think of themselves as cogs in a process, not process hackers. Which is fine. As Bourdain says in his first book, he doesn’t want his line chefs being inventive, he wants them to cook the dishes the same way every time, and fast, and 50 of them at once. That’s IRL, not the delightful fantasy land us tech people live in where there is no set menu.

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