Coté Memo #042: “Is this helping at all?” and other Linkatary


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Tech & Work World

Quick Hits

  • Rackspace To Go It Alone, Focus On Managed Cloud – hey, at this point, Rackspace is fascinating to me. How will the sort it out? As TPM pointed out, the seem to have gotten their very own Magic Quadrant. I’m not actually one of those people who thinks Gartner operates like that, but it is awfully convenient – maybe because it’s a proper way to divide up the market. As we discussed in yesterday’s SDT, I have a big open question for cloud: is it the case that people want (a.) a converged cloud (a box they just plugin, not futzing with software and such), and, (b.) “managed cloud” as the “public cloud” version of that: Cisco MetaCloud, BlueBox, Rackspace, and every other “not gonna compete head-to-head with Amazon” vendor out there who feels the need to do public cloud (equation: IT – Amazon = what?). I don’t think “the market” is big enough to know yet, to have enough requirements to drive it. The vendors have to place bets and drive thought-leaderships. Good luck storming the castle!
  • Red Hat to Wall Street: I came here to chew FeedHenry and kick some ass. And I’m all out of FeedHenry – it seems like Red Hat has been doing well of late. I’m starting to think of “Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS)” as the new LAMP/J2EE-cum-JSP stack. We’ve changed the UI layer (from web to mobile) and you just need new a completely new stack of middle-ware because leaky abstractions. Think about it: if 70-80%+ of user were on mobile instead of web/desktop, you would just call MBaaS “middleware,” and the other stuff (web/LAMP/etc.) “legacy.” Private equity is on the prowl for the green screen – it’d be nifty if they started buying up old web stack companies.
  • What the winners in the application economy are doing differently – CA is doing well re-calibrating their marketing around DevOps (with some dusting of security-cum-API management). Here, they did a study that’s reminiscent of the 2014 Puppet DevOps study to try to show a connection between DevOps and “high performing business.” Looks like good raw materials for the field and keynotes at conferences that have the word “Expo” or “Congress” in them. (That’s a compliment.)
  • The more people fly, the more they prefer the aisle seat – I’m at 20,000 feet right now, brother. I’m totally that guy on this. Aisle all the time, baby: I gots to pee!
  • Life after Larry may be coming, but it’s not here yet for Oracle – it seems our 10 second analysis yesterday was a bit off. The 24 analysis hours cycle on Larry Ellison “stepping down” has been that not much is changing. OK; we’ll see.
  • Ping Identity Secures $35M Funding for Product Innovation, Global Expansion – “Series G.” The funding and corporate strategy history of Ping would be fascinating to explore. They’ve been around a long, long time (since 2002!) and seemingly keep just missing the brass rings of time. They’ve got to have rebuffed numerous acquisition offers, spent late nights trying to IPO, and done all sorts of other corporate financing gymnastics. Good luck to them this cycle! (If they get to Series O, can we call it “Series OG”?)

Fun & IRL

“Just call me ‘Captain.’ Mr. Dragon’s my father.”

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