Coté Memo #041: Check all the things with BatCISO, SAP now owns TripIt

Title: Coté Memo #041: Check all the things with BatCISO, SAP now owns TripIt


Hello again, welcome to #041. Today we have 51 subscribers, so we’re +2. Jim-dandy! I’d love to hear what you like, dislike, your feedback, etc.: (If you’re reading this on the web, you should subscribe to get the daily email.)

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Tech & Work World

Quick Hits

Just in...

What’s a full stack developer?

Earlier this on the Under Development podcast week Bill and I discussed full stack developers in the context of working in a large company. There was also a fun discussion of the odd idea that “a good manager makes themselves unneeded” and what that phrase actually means.

We solve all of OpenStack’s problems

(Podcast here if you don’t like video – who does?!)

I think our Software Defined Talk podcasts keeps getting better. In this week’s recording (video only up at the moment), you can see Brandon move aggressively into the “let me tell you what I really think” zone, which is awesome.

The audio quality of Google oHangouts has been crapping out, so we’ll be figuring out other options.

Don’t forget to just subscribe to the podcast feed to get episodes downloaded automatically.

Fun & IRL

El-P and Killer Mike

I noticed there’s a new Run the Jewels album coming out, which made me go back and check if they’d added the first album in Spotify. They have!

I love that El-P sound.

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