Coté Memo #038: No title, just links


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Tech & Work World

Busy day – and coming week – so just the quick hits for today.

Quick Hits

Hey, they just need faster Internet – “waitress, another Dewars!”

Mark drove though West Texas recently and noted how desolate it was, with photos! I typed up the below as a comment, but got trapped in some login madness, so here it is:

We lived a month in Marathon, Texas in 2010 or 2009 It was nice. To your point, there’s not much going on out there (by us city folks’s standards). It took 2 hours to get to an airport (El Paso) and the Internet was slow (I had to go to the Sul Ross library to do a webcast, as I recall).

It seemed to me, though, that if you had faster Internet, things would actually be very nice for a remote worker. I suppose the schools wouldn’t be as good as the “big city” schools, and your dog might get eaten by a javelina. Still, all those abandoned buildings must be dirt cheap and people generally leave each other alone out there.

I suppose that’s sort of a parasitic view of decaying Texas, but I think there’s lots of people who’s be glad to dump their cash into land and housing out there if there was good “first world” infrastructure in place.

Fun & IRL

We started back on some Andersons coffee today and man, it’s rocket fuel!

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