Coté Memo #037: vRealize report, PaaS winnowing, big hunks of turkey


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  • 451 Deal Analysis of HP buying Eucalyptus – As I mentioned yesterday, we had a Deal Analysis in the works. Here it is.
  • That vRealize report is finally up. I spend much of the time going over the strategic reasons for doing this and much less on the actual features. I figure there’ll be more at the BCN VMworld so we’ll look to cover it more in-depth then. Coincidently, I had an end-user inquiry today that talked all about vRealize and its competitors. The customer was well trained: they said “vRealize” and never “vCAC”!
  • This is the kind of feedback I find most valuable (I’m serious!):

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No fun today, just work. I’m going to go have a martini.

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