Coté Memo #033: Taking my toys home, microservices vs. J2EE, Tex-Mex/Cajun Fusion


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Tech & Work World

Quick Hits

I’ve been working to better automate a suggested reading list. This is the first cut. It’s a lot as it covers more than a 24 hour period of my reading (the weekend). My idea here is to share with you the stuff I’ve read that I thought was remotely to very interesting. It sounds egotistical, but what I wanted to try to do was sync up the incremental “industry context” I build up in each 24 hour period. I enjoy lists like that from numerous sources. Tell me what you think as I tune it.

Anti-pattern: taking my toys home

Over the years, working in teams (small and large), I sometimes find myself in a dangerous zone: waiting for the organization to ask me to help it out. (And, it should be clear that “it” is a “them”.)

It’s easy to get disillusioned and upset at how “ground level” things are annoying, routine, and even “dumb.” The result, in me, is not volunteer ideas or offering to help out. Keep in mind that those two things are the core business of what I do: telling people what I think they should do. So, it’s odd when I shut that pipe off.

I end up doing this, like many things, when you’ve been “trained” to: you’ve suggested things in the past and they go nowhere, or get shot down. You’ve got to watch out for that once you become more “senior.” “Taking your toys home” isn’t part of that job description…but it’s so easy to do.

Fun & IRL

  • On ‘Krazy Kat’ and ‘Peanuts’ by Umberto Eco – reality explained through Charlie Brown. If it’s been awhile since your college literature classes, strap yourself in and have some fun. Best line: “since he acts in all purity, without any guile, society is prompt to reject him.”

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