Coté Memo #030: SolidFire’s foray into OpenStack, Crowd-sourcing DevOps


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Tech & Work World

Either I didn’t read the news or there wasn’t much of it today. I forget which.

SolidFire’s foray into OpenStack

Reference architecture

Back at the Atlanta OpenStack Summit, SolidFire announced a reference architecture (branded “Agile Infrastructure for OpenStack”) for running Red Hat’s OpenStack on Dell gear with SolidFire storage management software. I wanted to catch-up with them to see if it worked, and did so today.

I’m typing up a report on the topic, but here are some interesting tidbits from the call today:

  • About 30% of their install base runs OpenStack, another 30% CloudStack, and 40% VMware. Their pipeline is dominated by OpenStack and VMware.

  • Their customer base for OpenStack is primarily large enterprises, telcos, and other “big IT shops”…as you’d expect; see some recent 451 TheInfoPro survey results on cloud budgets.

  • The AI for OpenStack thingy has results in several closed deals, not always for OpenStack. That is: the marketing/thought-leadership gambit here is working.

  • There’s also a “AI for Virtual Infrastructure” released last week during VMworld.

Anyhow, sometime over the next week I should have a 451 report up. Along with that vRealize report I keep taunting y’all with.

DevOps Crowdchat

I was in a “DevOps Crowdchat” today which was kind of fun. It’s a “happening,” as they used to say, you know, for social marketing purposes and discussion and the like. It was interesting and fun with a nice range of comments, all archived.

I’ll be curious to see if it’s “better” than things like webinars and/or how it helps beyond ephemeral “thought-leadership.”

Fun & IRL

No fun today, just work. (There are some recommendations in this week’s Software Defined Talk Podcast if you’re desperate.)

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