Matt Ray is at OSCON, which prompts Brandon and I to reflect on open source a bit. We then discuss CA Technologies recent quarterly earnings call, who wins in the $600m AWS CIA deal, Yahoo buying Flury, and, as always, our recommendations for the week.


With Brandon Whichard, Matt Ray, and Coté.

If you like video, see this episodes’ video recording.


  • OSCON is going on. People aren’t as ardent about open source as the used to be. It seems like open core pretty much won. There’s also [good slides](from Andrew Shafer reminded us about the business part of open source).

  • We discuss CA Technologies’ recent quarterly earnings call. Coté went and added comments to the transcriptt and would appreciate your input, dear listeners, on it: “is that a thing?”

  • This also prompts much discussion of the challenges in changing companies from “elephant hunting” to “marmet hunting,” the “Solarwinds++” model of selling.

  • Speaking of CA, there’s some new allegations in their APM legal-hijinks with AppDynamics. We discuss the practice of lawsuits and why companies do them, and what the desired outcomes, and therefore tactics seem to be.

  • That $600m AWS public private cloud for the CIA looks like it’ll close: “What we were really looking at was time to mission and innovation,” said “a former intelligence official”

  • Yahoo bought Flury a mobile analytics company. Coté relates some figures and analysis from the 451 deal analysis piece: “used by more than 170,000 developers in 150 countries… more than 400,000 applications.”


  • Brandon: for product management, try talking to 100 prospective customers.

  • Coté: sesame seed oil is delicious, don’t forget to use it for flavor.

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