The IT growth is from new shit, IDC says

According to IDC, the 5 percent IT growth it sees for 2014 is comprised of two elements: Stagnant legacy infrastructure growth (0.7 percent) and a high third-platform infrastructure growth (15 percent). Just to bring the point home, IDC asserts that a full 29 percent of 2014 IT spending and 89 percent of all IT growth spending will be in the third platform; of the latter, a full 50 percent represents cannibalization of traditional markets.

The IT growth is from new shit, IDC says

Seriously though… if anybody but major datamining companies are going to get remotely enthusiastic about this IoT business, two things need to happen:

The Internet, things, and you « Outguessing the machine (via iamdanw)

The incentive for businesses to keep an “internet of things you bought from us” is overwhelming. What’s in it for them to make it open?

LAN-of-Things, then.

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“LAN of things.” That’s a-LoT better!

The vast majority of people do not have, nor will they ever have a personal computer. They haven’t been exposed to Windows or Office, or anything like that, and in their lives it’s unlikely that they will.

Stephen Elop, Microsoft’s new executive vice president of Devices, in the post announcing the completion of the deal to acquire Nokia. This is not your father’s Microsoft. (via parislemon)

Under Development- new podcast on software development

I have a new podcast up that’s on the ongoing topic of software development, big and small, tools and practices, news and theory, old and new. I’m co-hosting it with Bill Higgins. I’ve talked with Bill Higgins for many years, and occasionally we’ve done a podcast episode together. He was in town a few weeks back, and I thought we should start recording our conversations rather than have them disappear into the ether.

The first episode is now up over on the blog for it, along with show notes for the episode. It’ll be weekly when it works out (like, next week won’t work out). There’s the Google Hangouts recording of it too if you prefer that.

I hope you enjoy it, and we’d love to hear from you if you do. I’ve learned to not type up my ambitions with a new podcast because it essentially curses me to not do them, so I’ll spare you, and me.

I’ll post little pointers here for each episode, of course, just like I do for all the podcasts I fart around on.

The DNS crap is going through, but it’ll eventually be at (in the meantime: The podcast feed is here:

Under Development- new podcast on software development

Anything you want will happen, but sometimes it’s hard for people to see that when they’re in the middle of it. It looks like it’s incredibly complicated. Well, it’s not complicated at all. In fact, it’s so uncomplicated it’s amazing. All it is about is the work. Finally, if you do the work people will notice and you will get what you want. That’s it. It’s as simple as that.

On advertising work, but applies to anything where you create (rather than manage an organization, which is it’s own creating if done right). Also: this is sort of what coders mean when they obsesses about shipping.