I’ve spent years puttering around at the “infrastructure layer” in IT: programming, systems management, cloud, all that gunk. From what I can tell much of the growth in IT is being driven by companies wanting to engage in “social” more. What is “social,” though? Indeed, that’s one of the things this podcast will try to figure out (hopefully with as much delightful rat-holing as Horace). Also, we’ll discuss my need for slippers that masquerade as socks so I can get them past my wife’s 2nd floor blockade.

Mostly though, it’s a McGuffin for getting to talk with Chris more.

On that note, here’s the video we recorded earlier. A podcast format with all the bells and whistles will follow.

We just having a working title now: Connected Culture and Obscure Stuff, which is much better than our original working title.

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