Digital hoarders

I’ve always been attached to the platonic idea of an attic, where traditional families who live in the same house for forever stick their prized possessions and junk, so that other family members can go up and trawl through it at watershed points in their lives to discover some curio that leads them to a cave under a seasonal restaurant that contains a fully intact 18th-century pirate ship.

Yeah, if you’ve seen my Flickr account, you know I’m one of them.

Digital hoarders

The $158B data-driven advertising market

I guess this why companies like Oracle and IBM keep buying advertising SaaSes and such:

The report estimates that in 2012, the data-driven marketing economy added $156 billion in revenue to the U.S. economy and fueled more than 675,000 jobs. To put that statistic in perspective, that’s nearly half of total U.S. expenditures on marketing and advertising services (estimated at $292 billion annually), more than half the size of the entire Internet ecosystem (estimated by the IAB at $300 billion) and more than two-thirds the size of the entire e-commerce market.

The $158B data-driven advertising market