SAP cloud revenue to reach ~€20B by 2017

Hagemann-Snabe reckoned any change would hit the company’s revenue for 2015 but it would have reclaimed any losses by 2017, such is growth in demand.

He’s reported to have predicted cloud would lead to sales of more than 20bn Euro by that date.

Greater focus on cloud comes after SAP reported a five per cent drop in sales of its bread-and-butter on premises software business by five per cent to €975m ($1.3bn) in the third quarter, reported last month. Software and cloud subscriptions were up seven per cent to €1.16bn ($1.58bn).

SAP cloud revenue to reach ~€20B by 2017

The never ending game of “Business Alignment”

On top of that, the second issue is that there’s this new technology base, and a new application set…I call this a different circus with different clowns. And you’ve got CIOs who have done a good job of getting us this far at the tail end of a maturity curve. Their challenge is whether these buttoned down, slack eliminating, control oriented IT leaderships and providers can morph into a very different type of role. Can they deal with the need for slack and vision creating rather than fulfilling capabilities associated with a very immature set of technologies and a tremendous amount of ambiguity related to the business and the technology?

The never ending game of “Business Alignment”

The seven layer ROBO attack

At the branch office what the industry has done is stack up appliances for everything from unified communications to WAN optimization, firewalls, routers, wireless network controllers, etc., so if you have 10,000 offices and four appliances per, you have 40,000 appliances spread all over the place. So what this one says is, “We want to integrate all those branch appliances in software and be able to control the bandwidth to those branch offices a lot more effectively and efficiently. I was pleasantly surprised to see that become one of the top three, because it’s a big issue. It’s a huge amount of cost, and it’s a huge amount of operational burden as well.

The seven layer ROBO attack