IT – SaaS = ?

What gets left over after cloud? I like to bandy about the “formula”

IT – SaaS = ?

The point of it is, once/if packaged software running on-premises goes away, what’s left? Well, custom development mostly (“developers”), at larger companies (putting aside small ISV/SaaSes, who else can afford developers?), and keep the lights on stuff like keeping the network up. It’s imperfect, but it’s a good thought starter.

Along those lines, here’s some (older), interesting comments from BMC’s CEO in what businesses are wanting to spend money on:

“We are not seeing a dramatic jump in IT spending due to those IT trends [of cloud, social, mobile and analytics].

”[Businesses] are going to spend far less on IT functions and will spend that saving to grow the business and innovate. They’re using technology to do both parts of that,“ said Beauchamp.

Also, for the BMC watchers out there, on the mainframe/distributed split:

”[The mainframe business] is a third of our business, but it’s important to our business [because] it’s important to our financial services industry customers,“ Beauchamp told ComputerworldUK.

IT – SaaS = ?

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