40,000 plus Macs in use at Google

And check out the comments for this gem:

Do American universities not teach their computer programmers to use sensible names for objects? “Cauliflower Vest is an end-to-end Mac OS X FileVault 2 recovery key escrow solution.” Yup, first thing that comes to mind. It would be nice if we could assemble a tool set without having to remember the pop culture and in-jokes of a bunch of 30 something nerds.

40,000 plus Macs in use at Google

Betting against IBM

Indeed, the numbers may back him up—cloud computing sure seems to be squeezing the vendor’s hardware business. The most recent evidence is clear: In Q3 2013, IBM’s systems revenue fell 19 percent, with its Power line falling 38 percent, System x sliding 18 percent and storage falling 11 percent. Among its hardware platforms, only System z mainframe server products showed some life, with a 6 percent uptick.

Betting against IBM

Dell IR: we’re going to go hang with the nerds now

One of the more significant changes is that our financial results will be restricted to current institutional debt investors, prospective institutional debt investors and debt research analysts. The financials will only be disclosed under non-disclosure agreement (NDA). Given the restrictions on our financial disclosure, we will not be discussing our financial results with broad audiences at large equity conferences as we have done in the past. You will see us more active and participating in technology-focused conferences where we will provide updates on our progress as a technology leader and discuss our latest innovations and solutions we are delivering for customers around the world. In addition, we will identify key opportunities to have smaller group meetings with investors on the road, on premise and at debt conferences.

Dell IR: we’re going to go hang with the nerds now

You kids get your API-less apps off my lawn!

I cut my teeth on the open web of the early 2000s. It was APIs, and mashups. Mac OS X turned my laptop into a web server and coding machine, just the same as where I hosted the toys and tools that I wrote. This is what the future was going to be like.

And then it didn’t happen. Code is fragile because APIs keep changing and nobody cares about scripting anymore. There are no text and image file formats anymore, practically speaking, because there’s no file interchange. Once photos are on Instagram, that’s it.

(a.) good job hijacking the end of a Setup piece for a polemical.

(b.) I agree!

You kids get your API-less apps off my lawn!