Needs more “mission critical”

Behnia said BMC would be interested in OpenStack, but hasn’t seen customers adopting it just yet. BMC usually waits until customers actually deploy to add management functionality. “OpenStack lacks capabilities for mission critical environments today, but development and enthusiasm is growing,” said Behnia. Beauchamp added that BMC will remain agnostic and plug into any infrastructure. “We’ve abstracted management so we can plug and play. Customers don’t want to be hardwired into an infrastructure stack,” said Beauchamp.

Needs more “mission critical”

Overview of the 451 Infrastructure Software team

I recently put together these slides as an overview for what my team does. They’re, you know, sale-y. There’s an example of a commonly asked question in there as well which gives you a taste of the survey data 451 has in-house from TheInfoPro.

Overview of the 451 Infrastructure Software team

Looks like private cloud may be a thing

In 2011, 17% of respondents to 451’s survey said they used some public cloud resources. By the same time in 2012, it had jumped to 25%. In January it was as 42%, and when the study was conducted earlier this year it remained again at 42%.

Good news for the set every tech vendor that does not include Amazon.

Looks like private cloud may be a thing