How “discounts” trick shoppers into buying stuff

These marketing tactics aren’t new. There is a story of two tailors in 1930s Brooklyn, the Drubeck brothers Sid and Harry. When a customer had found a nice suit and asked Sid its price, Sid would shout to his brother at the back of the shop for the price, and Harry would shout back “$44 dollars.” Sid would feign hearing problems and ask again, and Harry would repeat the price. Sid would then report the suit’s price was “$24 dollars,” and the customer would likely grab his “accidental” discount.

How “discounts” trick shoppers into buying stuff

India Wants To Ban US-Based Email Systems For Government Communications Over NSA Concerns

In a statement to reporters here J. Satyanarayana, secretary in the department of electronics and information technology, said that data of Indian citizens using US based email services like Gmail is residing on servers which are located outside India and for now the government is concerned about the large amount of official and critical data that may be resident on those servers.

India Wants To Ban US-Based Email Systems For Government Communications Over NSA Concerns


The NSA seal is protected by Public Law 86-36, which states that it is not permitted for “…any person to use the initials ‘NSA,’ the words ‘National Security Agency’ and the NSA seal without first acquiring written permission from the Director of NSA.”     At any time that NSA is made aware that the NSA Seal is being used without our permission, we will take appropriate actions. 

That’s rich!

Now-a-days you need a walled garden

I don’t think Yahoo! really ha[s|d] a walled garden, which is probably a large reason why they bought tumblr. Google saturated the market with their commons space and now there’s little “open web” left to make profit off of, making everyone else rush to a walled garden approach: Facebook/Instagram, Foursquare, Apple, etc.

It’s “You’ve got mail!” all over again.