Forrester: Middle-Aged Developers Driving Cloud Computing – ReadWrite

In other words, as with open source, these developers can’t be bothered with corporate bureaucracy. In an earlier Forrester survey, developers said the primary benefit of the cloud is that it’s the "Fastest way for me to get my project done and deployed." This calls to mind Redmonk analyst Stephen O’Grady’s assertion that "Convenience trumps just about everything" when it comes to cloud adoption.

Forrester: Middle-Aged Developers Driving Cloud Computing – ReadWrite

Why it’s an endless churn

The endless search for an organizational handle on the market – that is, rational structures to deal with the irrational – coupled with managers’ ambitions and what I shall call their mobility panic, fuel a never-ending succession of personnel changes, marked by intense personal rivalries, in virtually all big corporations.

Moral Mazes

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