What is enStratus? – DellWorld 2012


John Willisand I met up at Dell World this year, it was awesome to see him in town. After several bone-headed recording attempts, I finally figured out how to hit record. We talked mostly about what enStratus does, cloud management:

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2 thoughts on “What is enStratus? – DellWorld 2012

  1. Great interview with John Willis. It’s all true, and an application management platform is a requirement if you seriously want any hope of executing in Cloud. What John articulates is what enStratus thinks is the value of the platform today, or perhaps what enStratus thinks customers are comfortable perceiving and appreciating. And it’s understandable that with all the hysterical journalism and people with basically no knowledge of IT suddenly becoming experts in Cloud, the discussion about control, security, management around corporate IT makes it hard not to focus on those concerns. And such concerns are important and on the list of what serious firms look for in a Cloud platform.
    Yet I don’t hear in this interview clearly enough, or enthusiastically articulated is what I consider the real value of enStratus. Essentially it’s an Application Platform with the ability to run applications anywhere. So you can remove the word Cloud completely and just say Management Platform, Governance Platform, or Application Management Platform. enStratus manages complex service dependencies in a way that’s very simple and yet completely different from what’s been seen before. Maybe I’m wrong, but I’ve worked in technology in the biggest financial firms for about twenty years and I consider enStratus’s approach to applications and running applications for high availability as the real value of the platform. The governance and security, on-premise components are essential for large organizations, yet the ability to manage applications is what business people will value in enStratus. I’m not convinced it’s a good strategy, as John states his team is certain the market will catch up with enStratus. I think it will happen. Yet perhaps not in the way expected. Corporate IT as we know it is being completely reshaped and business managers increasingly make the technology decisions. What business has paid for in the past and will now seek more of and will pay money for is applications that make their business stronger. Cloud is all about developers and developers are a proxy for the business appetite for applications.. The way to get people to buy into a Cloud solution is to focus on how their applications run better on the platform. I’d put that in the Green territory, John :)


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