Project RIPTide – the second Dell incubation project

Among my other doings at Dell, I helped put together and now run the internal incubation program. The idea of the program is to provide a sort of internal angel investment fund and program for employees who want to develop ideas. Project Sputnik is the first project we’ve done, and the second one, RIPTide is now emerging into public.

The idea behind Project RIPTide (headed up Shree Dandekar) is to pull together a business intelligence platform for the mainstream. There’s a tremendous amount of now affordable horse-power (in hardware and software) available to customers of any size now but the last mile of hooking it up all together is a tough one. Shree’s idea was to take advantage of Dell Boomi, some beefy hardware, and BI tools to help smaller companies get better analytics over their business.

When we were in the concept phase of this project, I was cooking up all sorts of fanciful use cases like helping food-truck owners analyze Twitter in real-time to find where people are longing for a taco…so they can drive the truck over there to sell some grub.

It’s been exciting to watch Shree put this project together and even find an initial customer, Team Express. There’s more to go with the project and we’d love to get your input if you’re interested in this kind of thing. Check out Shree’s overview from earlier this week.

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