Complete Bluster in the Throes of Shiny Object Syndrome, or, New Stuff Means New Money

Just as with email, instant messaging, web, web apps (vs. GUI), selling in social networks, post-Apple mobile & tablets leading to cost savings from BYOD, to consumerization of IT, and, soon, Big Data – most businesses will be completly smoked and clueless when it comes to how software development is changing. Of course, a lucky few will stop thinking in the framing and constraints of the past and find strategic advantage in using new technologies and practices to do their business differently enough from the competition to win the sale.

Repetition is the Soul of PowerPoint

A common deck-tactic is to keep reseeding the same slide(s) over and over. Most people won’t like your slide at first – you probably couldn’t do a good job given the time and info you had and, let’s face it, your not a graphic designer! – so you just keep putting it in front of them. Also, it’s often easier to verbally explain your point than for people to read the slide on their own; showing the slide again and again gives you the chance to explain it again.

(If all this makes you ask “the why do slides?”…Yes!)