Learning to love updates

He also explained that rapid releases help Google to introduce “gradual, gentle” upgrades over time, which makes the browser update process easier for users. Ruel walked around the still controversial automated browser update feature, but hinted that users value convenience and don’t want to be bothered with unnecessary system messages, or system restarts after installation. As long as the software update remains convenient for the user, Google apparently believes that the automated update is seen as a benefit by users. —Google Details Successes of its Chrome Release Process

Over the years, the whole release often thing has had one constant counter-argument: users don’t want updates that frequently. They like stability, and all that.

Gradually, as in the above, frequent upgrades have become a functional feature rather than just marketing – classically, you put out upgrades to get people to spend more money on the new version of your software.

But when the software is free (and you monetize some service, like ads in Google’s case), upgrades become a way to keep people in your ecosystem. Having frequent update becomes a differentiator, not a hassle.

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