Healthy Livin’ – Podcast #175

Top Notch

In a rare moment of free time, Charles and I record a new episode, out on his back patio. We discuss language developers vs. frameworks folks and some other hoopla.

To listen to the episode, subscribe to the podcast feed in iTunes or whatever, download the episode directly, or click play below to listen right here:


3 thoughts on “Healthy Livin’ – Podcast #175

  1. Just as I’m thinking “shit -philosophy, tech, finnish composers, literature -these guys really are renaissance men” they come up with a howler like “there are no memorable lines in Predator”

    ***I ain’t got time to bleed ***


  2. What’s that rumbling sound that starts halfway in. Thunderstorm? Neighborhood kid with a bass drum?

    Oh, and that “dead OO” thing? I think what’s gone is the conceit that it’s possible to design interfaces up-front and get them right the first time, without getting a few rounds of usage feedback.


  3. Here’s a Bill Burr talking about Arnie

    Think I’ll now write a some recursive code that keeps prints “I’ll be back” using [Java 8] lambdas of course. [In my bigoted opinion] – why the fuck are they adding functional programming into an already bloated [imperative] language. I’ll use an interface too, so at least others will understand what it’s (maybe) doing – but never how its doing it ;-)


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