There’s no reason to be snooty about beer

There’s no reason to be snooty about beer – sure, you should drink good quality beer if you like it. But a Bud Lite, for example, is just fine. Thinking poorly of a person because they’re drinking crap-beer is a waste of your time. The opposite is equally true: there’s nothing special about beer because it’s crap-beer, and you shouldn’t drink it because of brand, “life-style,” or anything else other than your enjoyment of the beer itself. Drink it because, first, you like it, and second, you can afford it.

The higher principle is: drink what you dig, and allow others to do the same.

2 thoughts on “There’s no reason to be snooty about beer

  1. No need to look down at anybody who drinks crap beer – some friends turned down the one I offered them yesterday (but we’re in Spain and I think all of their beer is pretty crap – no Budvar here for The Governor…).

    Just don’t offer me a Bud Lite, thanks.


  2. No need to look down on anybody period for habits like these, true. Some people love wine; I don’t have the same appreciation for it. To each their own, as always.

    That said, I would recommend that all beer drinkers try a range of beers. Not for appearances sake – who cares about that? No, they should try different beers b/c they just might find something they really like but didn’t know was available.

    For better or for worse, beer making in this country has been dominated by a few very large companies making a single style of beer: lagers. Like wine, there’s a lot of variety out there in the beer world, and some of it is really pretty exceptional. Wine drinkers in particular will find certain styles much more accessible than the standard domestics.

    That said, if folks just want to drink their Bud Light, more power to them. That’s what I usually end up drinking at Fenway ;)


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