There’s no reason to be snooty about beer

There’s no reason to be snooty about beer – sure, you should drink good quality beer if you like it. But a Bud Lite, for example, is just fine. Thinking poorly of a person because they’re drinking crap-beer is a waste of your time. The opposite is equally true: there’s nothing special about beer because it’s crap-beer, and you shouldn’t drink it because of brand, “life-style,” or anything else other than your enjoyment of the beer itself. Drink it because, first, you like it, and second, you can afford it.

The higher principle is: drink what you dig, and allow others to do the same.

Here are a few things you should spend good money on

Here are a few things you should spend good money on – a big fridge, a kitchen sink and faucet, a few good outfits (all of them if you can afford it), good looking footwear that you wear all the time, a good bathrobe (it gets cold), anything related to coffee, computers, gifts for your wife, booze, ear phones, BBQ, cords you use to plug charge things (buy lots of them), cheese, pens (just nice plastic ones, not $50 pens or anything) a dining room table (you’ll spend a lot of time using it when you’re not eating), fast Internet.

Dress nice when confronting fear

Dress nice when confronting fear – when confronting something you fear or that causes stress, dress nicely. But dress in something that makes you feel secure more than anything else: if dressing nice weakens you, don’t do that. Typically, dressing nicely removes any distractions about your appearance, if you fit in, and sometimes the worry of choosing what to wear. Men are lucky: a suit always works.