An OK TV show, but a zombie let-down – The Walking Dead, Season 1

We finished watching AMC’s The Walking Dead tonight (through Amazon Video OnDemand in beard stubble HD clarity) – I wouldn’t recommend it as a super zombie show. There are a few good scenes, maybe a whole episode (the second?), but overall or suffers from being a drama instead of a zombie show.

A second season, with more than 6 episodes is scheduled. As I recall, there’s new writers and some staff. Perhaps it’ll improve. And the show does make me interested in the original comic series.

Back to season one: the whole affair is fine as a regular show, and the level of gore – win it happens – is shockingly up to par coming for TV. So much of the show is filled with non-zombie action, though, and you keep waiting for The Walking Dead to enter the plot.

2 thoughts on “An OK TV show, but a zombie let-down – The Walking Dead, Season 1

  1. Hi Michael,

    You really didn’t think there was enough zombie action on there?! I had to look away every six minutes just so their gross images of biting into humans wouldn’t be etched into my mind forever. Lame, I know. And it didn’t help. I think only the last episode–with the CDC–was disappointingly low on zombie action. Otherwise, they were there, or at least their threat was present in all 5 episodes. The attack on the camp BLEW MY MIND.

    As you can tell, I am obsessed with this show. Cannot wait till the second season and so happy that it’s going to be more than 6 episodes! :)

    Reconnect then, if not before that :D

    Take care,


  2. I have to say, I loved it. It was a bit mad seeing Andrew Lincoln play an American cop (I’ve been watching him on UK tv since the mid-90s – I thought there was a great balance about the whole thing.

    I don’t think you can extend a zombie movie into a multi-series drama and keep up the same level of adrenalin full-stop – it would get boring. The whole point of the zombie genre is the human aspect anyway, so it’s nice to see that explored to its logical conclusion (whatever that is).

    I hope they make season after season like Lost, don’t answer any questions, and then the whole thing turns out to be Rick’s coma-induced dream. That would be great.


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