All the world’s furniture – Episode #168

In this mini-episode, Charles talks about the excess of furniture, as he sees it, in the world. Audio only is also available, and in the feed if you’re subscribed to the podcast.

2 thoughts on “All the world’s furniture – Episode #168

  1. Charles’s position on standardizing couches seems reminiscent of the Jeff Goldblum character in the 1986 “The Fly” remake.

    ..I couldn’t find the quote but early in the movie Seth Brundle (BrundleFly!) shows the heroine his wardrobe -which is all identical outfits to minimize the mental effort of dressing.

    note also that Seth Brundle was clearly a Ruby programmer:

    “I farm bits and pieces out to the guys who are much more brilliant than I am. I say, “build me a laser”, this. “Design me a molecular analyzer”, that. They do, and I just stick ’em together. “


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