Bavaria Boom, but Germans Feel Economic Malaise

Bavaria Boom, but Germans Feel Economic Malaise –

“I see how families are struggling,” said Eberhard Irlinger, administrator for Erlangen-Höchstadt, a district of about 130,000 people around the city of Erlangen. “In fact, part of the economic prosperity comes from people not getting the social security they should have. Germans are very reluctant to help other people when they have had to step back from their own demands.”



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An OK TV show, but a zombie let-down – The Walking Dead, Season 1

We finished watching AMC’s The Walking Dead tonight (through Amazon Video OnDemand in beard stubble HD clarity) – I wouldn’t recommend it as a super zombie show. There are a few good scenes, maybe a whole episode (the second?), but overall or suffers from being a drama instead of a zombie show.

A second season, with more than 6 episodes is scheduled. As I recall, there’s new writers and some staff. Perhaps it’ll improve. And the show does make me interested in the original comic series.

Back to season one: the whole affair is fine as a regular show, and the level of gore – win it happens – is shockingly up to par coming for TV. So much of the show is filled with non-zombie action, though, and you keep waiting for The Walking Dead to enter the plot.