6 thoughts on “Debt, The Ruby Racer, Tales of Platinum Amex – DrunkAndRetired.com #167

  1. You know guys, this whole “increase demand by making it scarce” ploy seems to be working for your podcast! Definitely make a Ruby Racer – Make all podcast! BTW, I was the guy (or at least one of them) at LSRC talking about liking Make All over RIA weekly.


  2. Thanks! It’s always good to hear feedback on the new podcasts. I was planning on cutting up therubtracer part and putting it in make all. Just need to find the time ;)


  3. instead of hunting or fishing, i visit this page sometimes and hope to bag a drunk and retired podcast

    i am a sportsman -so i don’t use any kind of podcatcher (which would be like using a fish-finder, or fishing with dynamite)

    i simply rely on my keen senses, a simple web browser and refresh button

    i was delighted to be rewarded with a fresh ep 167, only a week old -but i’m having trouble landing it

    vimeo want me to log in (so they can steal my identity and sell it back to me in installments)

    -and there is no audio yet

    yes, actually i do sometimes wonder what it would be like to not be such a dick


  4. Awesome as always :)

    I hadn’t heard about Make All before – looking forward to catching up with that. I’ve been on the look-out for a decent general programming podcast for a while (since se-radio dropped their release schedule).


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