Maintaining Charm

At Target again!

Striving to protect that charm, town officials crafted an ordinance that bans “formula restaurants” from opening within the city limits. A group of eight investors challenged that ordinance, suing Springdale, 16 town officials and the town’s attorneys for what the plaintiffs say is their constitutional right to open a Subway restaurant franchise.

“Towns block chain restaurants to save charm”

While Colleyville, Texas isn’t exactly “charming” like a city right outside of a national park, it’s been interesting to watch this kind of issue play out here. My sister-in-law and her family live up here, so we get up to Colleyville frequently. We’re up here all week at the moment.

Driving around, my brother-in-law said that Colleyville’s handful of retail areas started out targeted non-chain stores. But the demand, it seemed, wasn’t high enough. Some of those stores have closed down and chains, like McDonald’s, are taking their place. He did say, however, that the McDonald’s is really nice, nicer than the usual McDonald’s.

While driving up the Yosemite recently, I noted Subways, Starbuck’s, and Carl Jr.’s along the way. Us Americans can’t get enough of those trusted brands it seems. In Texas, you can’t escape the shopping strip trinity of Target, Kohl’s, Wal-mart, IHOP, Denny’s, and places like TGI Friday’s. It was the same in Tulsa, mixed in with motels-cum-hotels.

While up in Yosemite, the wedding photographer described the local town, Oakhurst, as a “two Starbucks town,” denoting that it was surely large enough for most any need.

I’m notorious for looking down on chains, despising them even. But, often times, there’s no other option. But, the local fair isn’t always too good either.

Target is the especially inescapable one. It’s sort of like the Wal-mart for snobs.

One thought on “Maintaining Charm

  1. Interesting–I had no idea about this. I’ve often wondered about the franchise v. small, independent business issue, especially in terms of bookstores. While I appreciate the variety of a Borders/Barnes & Noble, I have to say that there’s something that keeps me coming back to the local store around the corner, the one that was started by the grandmother of the current owner.

    Thanks for sharing!


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