Happy birthday Nick Morgan! – DrunkAndRetired.com #166

Apple Power Adaptors

Charles and I sit down in the conference room for a chat covering all sorts of things! Also, a special message to a listener:

To listen to the episode, subscribe to the podcast feed in iTunes or whatever, download the episode directly, or click play below to listen right here:

From Austin traffic, to Apple power cords, to babies, this episode is wanders all around.

7 thoughts on “Happy birthday Nick Morgan! – DrunkAndRetired.com #166

  1. >>from Austin traffic, to Apple power cords, to babies<<

    i'm pretty sure there was nothing about babies -save your mentioning you had one

    am looking forward to the D&R take on fatherhood, but if you want to keep your kids away from the paparizi -no problem

    just don't be telling me i have to endure the austin traffic and apple power-cords again to find the witty daiper banter


  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you! He was so surprised and chuffed.
    I would listen to the rest of the podcast but I’m pretty sure I’ve done my techie humouring for the day. Congrats on the baby btw, he’s gorgeous.


  3. Hey Coté and Charles! Thanks so much for this, I really appreciate it. Definitely one of my best birthday presents :) And to top it all, now I know which roads to avoid if I’m ever in Austin!



    p.s. I’ve always had the same problem with month order – glad it’s not just me.


  4. Chickens lay at most one egg per day, not three!

    For your backyard I would recommend three chickens, plus a cockerel if you can find a quiet one.


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