Cormac Murphy Coté Skotak


My wife, Kim, and I have been in the adoption process for a long, long time, and we just finalized the last major part this afternoon. We can finally announce our new son, Cormac Murphy Coté-Skotak.

For those I’ve told who’ve kept the “embargo,” thanks so much! And for the rest of you, check out that handsome kid of ours! ;>

(And, you know, of course he has a Twitter account: @CormacCS.)

4 thoughts on “Cormac Murphy Coté Skotak

  1. Damm -when Father Murphy here at the orphanage told me that I had finally been picked, and by a nice couple in Texas -well I had just kinda assumed…

    but (really honestly) congratulations -and from out here in lurkerland I’m thinking Cormac has done real well too


  2. Congrats, Cote. He’s an adorable boy. I’m sure you guy’s will be great parents. He’s very lucky and you both are truly blessed.

    Take care.


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