Happy birthday Nick Morgan! – DrunkAndRetired.com #166

Apple Power Adaptors

Charles and I sit down in the conference room for a chat covering all sorts of things! Also, a special message to a listener:

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From Austin traffic, to Apple power cords, to babies, this episode is wanders all around.

Cormac Murphy Coté Skotak


My wife, Kim, and I have been in the adoption process for a long, long time, and we just finalized the last major part this afternoon. We can finally announce our new son, Cormac Murphy Coté-Skotak.

For those I’ve told who’ve kept the “embargo,” thanks so much! And for the rest of you, check out that handsome kid of ours! ;>

(And, you know, of course he has a Twitter account: @CormacCS.)

Two Maxims that have served me well


I have two personal maxims that generally apply to all situations in my life:

  • Life’s too short to live by them rules.
  • What the fuck else am I doing with my time?

The first is especially useful when you’re fucking around with some stupid technology or instructions that want you to do something tedious – or futzing around too much trying to perfect something, like organizing my photos or music collection. The second generally applies when you’re freaking out about big life changes, like mortgages and kids.

hey, iPad!

The word press plugin in the ipad is all right.

Typing is kind of a pain unless you put it in landscape mode. Then i can see how i could learn to type this way.

Also the fact that his has red squiggly spell check is awesome. At least it would be if i could figure out how to use it properly.