Old tile shards from our house

This is a little "home archeology." Our relatively young home was built in 1949 and under the large kitchen add-on we have, there’s (at least) two structures: an old porch that was left there stupidly as a support beam and the remnants of an early kitchen floor – two or three levels of it! This tile is from one of those kitchen floor layers.

When we redid the support under our kitchen we found pieces of this tile. I found these outside the side kitchen door the other day, some how having migrated to there.

2 thoughts on “Old tile shards from our house

  1. Shearing Layers!

    Stuart Brand would love it.

    It is often said (eg Simmonds et al) that software systems should be understood in terms of shearing layers. For example, “our level II cache runs on the remains of a crib wall beside the old shrubbery”.


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