Lost on a Pacific Resort Island, Saved by HEB


In this dream, I was traveling with a group of people, including Kim. In one leg of our travel, someone planned a detour or a plane crash which landed us on Maui. We were on the beach of Maui, and not knowing the people too well, I split off from them.

This island wasn’t really Maui. It was supposed to be some tiny, isolated island in the pacific, not part of Hawaii. But, I kept calling and thinking of it as Maui in my dream. The landscape was wavy and disproportionate, like a mildly abstract painting.

All I had were he wake-board trunks I was wearing and my wallet, with wet cash but all my credit cards. I wondered around the beach, thinking it was actually nice – it was full of people.

Looking over a part of the beach that was a cliff, I saw what looked like an island in the bay moving. I used the trick of squinting one eye to see if it was actually moving or not, and it was! Then, I saw two smaller islands moving towards this larger one, and I realized it was the famous luxury island of Maui – these two smaller ones being ferry boats of a sort. While this Maui beach was great, I thought, that island must be really splendid.

During this walking around I’d been wondering where I’d sleep, what I’d eat – how I’d take care of myself. The weather seemed nice enough that I could sleep on the beach, and that thought seemed to satisfy all my wondering. It seemed like a lot of people did that. There were several good looking hotels lining the beach. One was very white and clean. The room windows were large and the normal house style where you can slide the lower half up. Those rooms must be really expensive, I thought, you can tell by the fancy windows they have.

I started worrying about Kim: she wasn’t part of the group on the island, so I wanted to let her know that I was safe instead of lost at sea. Somehow, I scrounged up a hoodie to go with my wake-board shorts and some flip flops. I wondered into the street that ran along the beach and saw all the tourist shops. I found a small grocery store like one, and wondered in. At one point, I got a strange hat, kind of like a cheap bee-keepers hat, all yellow. I didn’t do much in this store, but I remember I walked around and saw a lady that looked like a young, Catalonian pharmacist two times: dark hair, thick glasses like in a Pedro Almodóvar movie.

Exiting the store I thought whatever was in there the prices would be too high. Still, I needed to find a phone or an Internet cafe. I had my wallet, so I wasn’t totally destitute. I kept walking down the street and at the end where the street curved around toward the island interior, I saw an HEB grocery store. I was so elated that I said, “oh baby!” out loud. I spotted a side entrance to the little grocery store I’d been in and saw some employees smoking at the door – I wondered if they’d hear my elation and was a bit embarrassed.

I walked towards the HEB, making sure that I still had cash and credit cards in my wallet – I did. I’d get a cellphone or rent time on a computer to email Kim, I thought. Soon, my problems would be solved.

I woke up at that point.

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