It was somehow unfair

Now that's a hair-do!

But the Saigon years would not be happy ones. After all those years learning control, discipline, making those the touchstones of his life, Max Taylor was now confronted by the wild irrationality, the deviousness, the maliciousness and venality of the South Vietnamese. It was somehow unfair; people who are about to be saved from the Communists should feel some element of gratitude, and at the very least the gratitude should surface in the form of knowing they were being saved, and more important, wanting to be saved.

From The Best and the Brightest

Office Space, Beeps, Pens, and Costly IP – Episode 158

Recording #158

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Earlier this afternoon, Charles and I found time to record an episode while we were taking a break from looking at office space. Check out the fote above for a behind-the-scenes look on making the sausage!