Austin Politicos, Urban Outdoors, Nagging – Austin’s Very Own #45

Texas Freedom Network Annual something-or-another

To listen to the episode, subscribe to the podcast feed in iTunes or whatever, download the episode directly, or click play below to listen right here:

While Kim and I drive around to do some errands, we discuss:

  • The Texas Freedom Network fund-raiser thingy, pictured above. Culture wars in Texas.
  • We decide to drive downtown the have an “urban” outdoor day. On that topic, Kim and I discuss things to do when the weather’s finally nice outside, as it is now in Austin. Top on Kim’s list, going to town lake (which we ended up doing later in the day).
  • After deciding to go get a Jo’s burger, Kim is flummoxed by the non-removable batteries in new Apple laptops.
  • And then Kim remembers one of her current topics: does she nag and sigh too much?
  • Resolving Auggie’s hacking cough.

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