A fruit bowl for two

The Fruit Bowl

Awhile ago, I thought it’d be nice to have a fruit bowl on the table. We’d have apples and bananas and grapes just like one of the endless, boring still lifes you see on vacation muesem strolls. Minus the marble-eyed fish and shoulder flashing milk-maids.

Keeping all that fruit from rotting is tough work. Bananas spoil faster than can be eaten, even avacados. Kim tried some grapes, which were fantasic for room temperature snacks, but a disturbing number still spoiled.

At the moment, our fruit bowl is empty. The question is if we should fill it back up. We’d have to make our selves eat fruit more, which seems to be the problem. Picking up a stray apple, peach, or avacado seems like too much to ask for us.

Cool weather

While I’m not in Austin at the moment – but in DFW – it’s remarkable that the weather has suddenly cooled down. Talking about the weather is always boring, but when Summer is an endless chain of 100 degree days, it’s on the top of everyone’s mind.

People often make fun of us Texans for not being able to handle snow and ice. Indeed, down in Austin if someone spills a glass of water on a bridge in Feburary, the while city shuts down for our floating holiday: ice-day.

But, we can cope with the heat. This year has been one of the hottest, I hear. But, it’s not like any Summer I’ve lived through in Austin has been “mild.” They’re always miserable.

Going outside now, though, you can feel Fall coming on. The kind of weather where you have to sleep with a thin blanket and you make fun of people wearing shorts. Maybe even a hoodie once the sun goes down.


I have that certain problem with procrastination, the one where I do all sorts of things of little to high value instead of THE one thing (or things) that really needs to get done.

It’s sort of like, I’m too lazy to do the simple things I’m procastinating with without something more important to avoid.