Picking up a Pizza – DrunkAndRetired.com #156

Home Slice Pizza

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On the way to pick up a pizza, we record an episode. Catch the drive-thru beer-barn!

One thought on “Picking up a Pizza – DrunkAndRetired.com #156

  1. Ok English currency before we all went decimal:

    12 pennies = 1 shilling (or bob in slang)
    20 shillings = 1 pound.

    But mostly just to keep things simple, folks would say (some still do) “20 Bob”.

    Now we only got pence and pounds – but Bob still lives on, 5 bob is 25 pence (Bob = 5p). Oh a pony is £20, a ton is £100, and a grand is £1000.

    Mix all of this with a strong regional accent and you get some very confused American tourists.


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