DrunkAndRetired.com #151 – "BAM! What's in your UNDERPANTS?!?!"

Tuna Steak

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In this two episodes in one episodes, Charles and I embed an episode of RIA Weekly into an episode of DrunkAndRetired.com. It’s like a taco in a hamburger wrapped in a slice of pizza.

Here’s a brief summary:

  • Detroit’s motto is actually “Speramus Meliora; Resurget Cineribus”, which means “We Hope For Better Things; It Shall Rise From the Ashes” in English.
  • Check out The Bladerunner game FAQ I wrote long ago.
  • Charles gives his love to DonkeyTron 5000.
  • Since both of us have heard the NPR coverage of Detroit this week, I (re-)ask Charles, “what’s up with Detroit?”
  • This gets us into a discussion of the villains plans to tear down the old city and build a new one in movies like Darkman, Robocop, and Bruce Sterling’s recent book The Caryatids, which I give a brief overview of.
  • Don’t forget Charles’ upcoming talk at the Ann Arbor JUG! Charles will try to address Pete F.’s desire for a recording.
  • Charles discusses his concept for “TwitterDick.com,” that is, seeing how much social media ego you have.
  • This leads us to propose the DrunkAndRetired.com Listener Market Research Omnibus Survey. Want to participate, just tell us!
  • For a detailed summary for the RIA Weekly episode, see the RIA Weekly #49 show-notes.

Charles on JavaScript

The Wrong Way to Drink

Charles has been developing and giving a talk on using JavaScript over the past few months. He gave it up at the Detroit Java User Group, and it looks like he’ll be giving it at the Ann Arbor Java User Group next week, Tuesday April 28th. Charles has been perfecting the “every-day” use of JavaScript for awhile, as you know if you’ve been listening to the podcast, and this talk is a good sum-up of all that work and knowledge.

Here’s the summary:

Charles Lowell will show why JavaScript is like no other major language when it comes to embedding into an application. Drawing from personal experience, Charles will present a treatment of the JavaScript object system and philosophy.

He will demonstrate how to use JavaScript to implement a scriptable webservice and demonstrate the ability to add and remove properties to native java objects and classes.