Peelander-Z at SXSW 2009


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I’ve written about Peelander-Z before here, last time I saw them at SXSW. They’re pretty damn fantastic. Their show is hyper-fun. They make whole songs out of two phrases. Like, the guy in yellow there will start out saying, in his Japanese accented English, “I so hungry! What I eat? STEAK! [drummer flashes up a sign that says “STEAK”]. How I want cooked? MEDIUM RARE! [drummer flips sign, it says “MEDIUM RARE” on the other side].”

At one point, they come out rockin’ in a giant squid suit.

They’re playing a few more times (here and here) at this year’s SXSW. Go check ’em out! #149 – You'll never guess what I'm calling from!

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