Episode 148 – "Have you tried it hot?"


To listen to the episode, subscribe to the podcast feed in iTunes or whatever, download the episode directly, or click play below to listen right here:

  • Netflix On-Demand, or more “traditional” video On-Demand delivered to XBox.
  • “Have you tried it hot?”
  • Art by polls – painting and music.
  • Charles gets his hard-drive “fixed.”
  • Going back to paper and pen for notes – maybe Netbooks can save us.
  • What’s up with these clogged toilets?

0 thoughts on “Episode 148 – "Have you tried it hot?"

  1. PUSSIES. booo hooo a 10 pound laptop…

    I looked, but I can’t get from apple.com a 12 inch 4 pound portable steamer yet, so unless I want to scrub the skid marks off by hand, I cart my 100+ pound scatscrubber everywhere I travel, for “business”.


  2. I haven’t finished the episode, so maybe — just maybe — Charles comes around. But I had to share my thoughts before I get distracted again by javascript issues.

    Tags/Categories are one of the primary features that I, as a reader, constantly find myself using. Many people with blogs tend to write about several topics, so I find myself regularly clicking on the “programming” tab/category link so I can filter out all of their pictures of cats (I do love cats…) and philosophical ponderings (I also love philosophy… hmm).

    I would never, in the capacity of publisher, use a blog from which this feature was absent.

    Ps, I love you both. You brighten my dreary days. Thank you for saving me from myself.


  3. Matt: thanks for the tip. I’ll take a look-see.

    Steamer Steve: I keep reading rumors about the iScat but they never actually push the damn thing out.

    Jared: thanks for the input. We’re always happy to bring some foul-mouthed sun-shine to dreary days.


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