Episode 147 – Using Technology for Evil

Recording DrunkAndRetired.com #147

To listen to the episode, subscribe to the podcast feed in iTunes or whatever, download the episode directly, or click play below to listen right here:

Among other things in this episode, we revisit my obsession with Evernote (see also my public notebook), talk about the Griffin Clarifi (highly recommended!), and discuss all the ways you can use del.icio.us. Also, we talk about Charles’ talk on JavaScript at the Detroit Java User’s Group.


0 thoughts on “Episode 147 – Using Technology for Evil

  1. If Tim means you are useing too many curse words in your prod casts (and on Twitter – you like Fuck way too much) he could be right. As you go more main stream you need to think about what you say and write
    love Dad


  2. Ah don’t have a website cause I haven’t worked out how to do it yet.

    After a hard day of steaming, and an our getting the skid marks off my hands, I don’t feel like learning about these damn internets.


  3. Cote’s Dad – I’m comfortable with the level of curse words in Cote Jr.’s podcasts. Not sure how you came to the conclusion that I was saying otherwise.



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