Episode 146 – All these goats are retarded

Maker's Mark Barrel

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This week, Charles and I catch up with this second episode. Our lateness is your benefit, dear listeners.

To that end, here’s a select list of some of the things we discuss:

  • Charles was deadly ill.
  • The half-hipster carabiner key-chain arrangement.
  • The Pomegranate phone.
  • Valentine’s Day Gifts – the ladies have it tough here (mine were awesome!).
  • Country Clubs seem like they’d be nice, if expensive.
  • Charles on designer/developer workflow – applying changes ain’t that hard if the developer defines the deliverables.
  • Sprites in HTML.
  • Maybe the designer/developer workflow will never be de-coupled, really.
  • Charles’ upcoming talk at the Detroit Java User’s Group: it’ll be February 18, 2009 6:30PM to 8:30PM at ePrize headquarters in Pleasant Ridge.


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  1. re watches with computers in them

    speaking as the the proud owner of an abacus/fossil computer watch..

    some of the following are true:

    -it is a real computer (as opposed to a computer in the, my-toaster-is-a-computer sense)

    -i can program it, *on the watch itself*, in Python or C

    -chicks go wild for it

  2. Cote, you may as well be a license professional in butt-cheekery. Back pain can be attributed to sitting with a wallet in the back pocket — and it doesn’t have to be a Costanza wallet either.

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