Late Check-out


Hotels always have check-out times if either 11 AM or noon, mostly 11 AM for my slow moving self. Here’s a tip though: chances are you can just call up and ask for another hour, sometimes two.

I’ve stayed up to 3 hours later, but it’s usually just 1. The core problem is usually around having a work meeting scheduled early and needing time to pack up.

If you’ve been out late the night before and have to get up at, like 7am for a 7:30am meeting (wake-and-work is good skill to pull over from college for business travel) the last thing you want to do is pack your bag. Also, then you have to carry it around and give the bellhop another buck – good luck gettin’ a receipt for that, you cheap bastard.

The last time this happened – while at Lotusphere this year – I called up and asked for a check-out extension and was given it because I was a Starwood Preferred Guest member. That’s the frequent traveler program the hotel had. I don’t have status in it or anything, but it made me think that it can’t help to sign up for all those programs for these little things: stay a few hours later.

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  1. Years ago I was a top-tier member of Intercontinental’s program (wish a fancy name: “Royal Ambassador”!) and they would let you keep the room pretty late. I think 8pm was the latest I had kept it, I had a 10pm flight.

    Oh, and they would give you anything you wanted from the minibar for free, and all the movies you wanted to watch.

  2. Good tip(s)…. We’ve used this many times to keep from having to store our bags down with the valet/bellhop guys, which always seems low-security (…not that I’m carrying gold in my bags).

    BTW. The new blog site looks great. I see you are using WordPress 2.7. Was the upgrade rough? I’m on 2.0.3.

  3. I’m glad you like the new design here. The upgrade was just dandy, no problems I couldn’t whack. Really, most of the time all you have to do is unzip the WP zip file, click the upgrade button, and that’s it.

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