DrunkAndRetired.com #134 – Finland Front Porch

Recording DrunkAndRetired.com #134

In this episode, Charles and I sit on a Finish porch and talk about our trip in Finland so far.

0 thoughts on “DrunkAndRetired.com #134 – Finland Front Porch

  1. I was puzzled for the longest of times about exchange rates, and the feeling of constantly getting fucked on it.
    The philosophy is that there are ways countries can devalue their money. Which if you compare currency exchanges like imperial/custom, feet/meters, sort of exchange rates between two arbitrary standards. When a country prints more money in circulation or removes money from circulation it’s the equivalent of saying “hey we are restandardizing the inch, it’s not this length anymore, it’s this”
    but it gets more confusing with that long term, if the US takes a significant amount of debt in it’s currency then that devalues it as well, can we pay that back? if we can’t we just printed extra money and the currency needs to be restandardized. It’s painful. Also firefox doesn’t seem to think restandardized is a word and it very likely is not.


  2. processed food:

    also known as “food as a service” (FAS)

    google for “cooking in the cloud” (ok, don’t) and you’ll find a discussion of “why would we want to keep highly skilled food preparation technicians in house, when one guy in Hyderabad can prepare a hundred thousand snap-fronzen Chicken Parmigianas and just send us packets”

    ajax is the microwave oven of software -and webmail is the tv-dinner (crappy, but kind of like the real thing)

    i can see why you guys spend so much time talking food -the computing as food metaphor is endless

    The thing’s hollow — it goes on forever — and — oh my Cod! — It’s full of stars


  3. Interesting listening to open minded Americans talking about Europe.
    About the groceries in cartons: I always thought they are better for the environment. But actually I don’t know.
    Greetings from Germany


  4. What was the book Cote was referring to about longevity? Seems interesting as it is somewhat realistic in the ageing society in the developed countries.

    Why be public? Liquidity. Mr. Rich Entrepreneur can sell or borrow against his stock and grant cash to his employees via stock or options which can be exercised and sold.


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