Episode 130 – Pooping Your Way to Cleanliness

Pickled Okra

In this episode:

  • We start out talking about Charles’ “cleansing” efforts, which sound terrible if you like food, but he’s down for it.
  • I then tell Charles about how I like FriendFeed a lot now-a-days. As I say in the podcast, you guys should join and link up with me so I can get more content to read.
  • Charles then talks about how dealing with ruby and Java deployments is annoying and we wonder out-loud about how easy it is to deal with PHP installs – which is probably debatable given crap you’ve had the deal yourself.
  • I then detail how a little jaunt to iUseThis.com stuck me a desktop optimization rut, esp. after I found AppFresh.

  • Finally, we learn that Charles is selling one of his iMacs and – shocker! – probably going to get a ThinkPad.

Thanks to John Arley Burns for sending over the Starcontrol sounds.