SXSW Nite 1 – BBQ & Antone’s

Coté & Kim

Last night was the first night of SXSW Music. I started out downtown to tie-up some SXSWi loose-ends, which went quiet well.

Kim, Sarah, and I then went to Iron Works for some dinner. I’ve always been suspicious of people saying Iron Works is good figuring it was just the location. Having heard they were good, I got the beef-ribs, and by-golly, they were.

Kim and I then split off and went to Antone’s to wait to see Lightspeed Champion, Sons and Daughters, The Kills, and White Williams.

LightSpeed Champion

We caught the tail end of Lightspeed Champion. They was English, dressed like the hipster shelves in Target, and sounded a-OK. The dude had a Star Wars sticker on his guitar, so they fit pretty well in that bucket of people around my age (or slightly younger) who’re always pulling culture from the 80’s. No problem there, buddy.

Here’s what Kim wrote in the Moleskin:

Mellow and even though there were drums, violin, guitar, and back-up vocals, it seemed very much a one man show. [3 stars].

Sons and Daughters

Sons & Daughters

Sons and Daughters was good too, but a little too much rock-a-billy for me. I have no problem with rock-a-billy, but I’m getting tired of people “harkening back” to anything old. I want new stuff. Even the 80’s are getting boring. I noticed that tons of people were wearing almost vintage 80’s wear in the crowd through the night: ugh. Can’t we just wear and sing new stuff?

Here’s what Kim wrote in the moleskin:

Holy shit there were awesome! Very energetic rock n’ roll. [4 stars]

The Kills

The Kills

The Kills were by far the best of the night. While the guitarists garb was all young Elvis meets sleezy guy you don’t want your kid sleeping with, their sound seemed newer and was rockin’.

And Kim wrote:

I’m so in love with that chick, man, she is hot! This band was great, two guitarists – one of them smokin’ – and synthetic beats.

White Williams

This one didn’t really work out for us. It was sort of like if Max Headroom had a band in a Radio Shack during his freshman year of high school.

Kim and electronica-like music don’t get along.

We left.

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