SXSW – Calendar Madness! …and other content holes

Antone's Floor

There’s all sorts of calendars to keep up with SXSW Music this year. Here’s what I’ve got going so far, if you’re interested:

Also, I’ve been browsing through Paul Ford‘s 6 word reviews of the SXSW samples. I’m only through “C”, so we’ll see (HELLO!) how that goes.

There’s also Twitter, which you can follow here or by following me in Twitter. And, going retro, I started using Dodgeball (profile here) of all things instead of having to ring up people to tell them where I was.

I’m curious of any recommendations ya’ll have. I’ve been piling them up, but I can’t ever have enough.

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  1. Check out JamBase for live music happenings. They track bands and will email you when someone you like is coming to town. I’d rather have a custom RSS feed than an email, but it is still better than eventful or upcoming IMHO.

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