[DrunkAndRetired.com Podcast] Episode 106 – Crumple Bags, Marketing Software, Charles's Triumphant Return to the Editor's Chair

In this episode, Coté and Charles talk about developer tools, esp. when it comes to when Charles will spend money on tools. Throughout, we hear some nuanced comments on the benefits of pair-programming: namely having someone there to share best practices and usage idioms with.

We also hear about Silva’s new Mac and how cute it is.

(This episode edited by Charles.)

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[DrunkAndRetired.om Podcast] Episode 105 – GameOnLeagues.com!

In this long anticipated episode, Charles and Tim tell us about The Front Side’s latest release, GameOnLeagues. You can set up tournaments with pay-outs for any sort of game. Cool, eh?

As a production note, we’re switching back to audio only. No need to worry about feeds or anything, the audio version will show up in the main feed and the video only one.

(This episode edited by Coté)

Do you give a damn about video?

I’m at the Lone Star Ruby Conference in Austin yesterday and today. It’s fun stuff! In talking with several gracious and kind listeners, I’ve begun to think that we should take the DrunkAndRetired.com podcast back to audio.

Video is quite a hassle, and it’s obviously impacted our delivery ability.

Before I dump the video — except for, perhaps, little fun short videos from time to time — I wanted to ask if there was anyone who’s balls-out excited about and loving the video. Does anyone care if we dump the video?

I’d switched to video with the hopes of finding a sponsor or two — figuring video was an easier thing to sponsor — but so far there’s no interest. So, I’m wanted to cut out all the hassle that comes with producing video: I think most people just listen to it anyhow.

New Blog on Traveling

I started up a new blog on traveling today, specifically, traveling on American Airlines.

I travel quite a bit now-a-days, and I get some weird pleasure out of obsessing over all the frequent traveler programs. Instead of chew the ear off another friend over drinks, I thought I’d blog it instead.

So, if you like frequent travel junk as much as I do, check it out.

Here’s the first post, on getting elite status with American Airlines.